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Kee Hiong Enterprise” products are popular among consumers mainly due to the four advantages we have.

People of this age generally like to savor good food without hassle in preparation. Kee Hiong’s herbal soup ingredients in filter paper and the ready-made sauce in the curry series all meet the requirements of hassle-free preparation of classic food.

To be able to prepare classic savory food does not necessarily mean to be able to have the best original taste and flavor packed in filter paper. It is only after numerous trials and improvements that Kee Hiong was able to present its soup and curry ingredients in their best flavor enabling even new hands at cooking to achieve amazing results in kitchen.

As we do not compromise on our commitment of producing “safe, hygienic, beneficial and healthy” products, there are no preservatives and artificial coloring added, with the health of consumers fully guaranteed.

Kee Hiong emphasizes on the philosophy of “economical, practical, quality and fair-priced” products. Our products in unique packages are beautifully designed that can be presented as gifts of your first choice to others other than for personal consumption.
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